Antonine Inks

Digital Innovations

Antonine Inks are proud to be the current leader within the Digital Innovation marketplace.  We have close working partnerships with our suppliers, brand design centres and converters.  This allows Antonine to take full control of colour management all the way from design and origination to finished product.  By managing this process correctly it allows all of our customers the ability to print to the full capabilities of their process with accurate consistency and repeatability.

Digital Proofing
The way people can approve a colour for use has changed dramatically over the years.  Where Flexographic hand proofs are still available, many people are now using colour accurate Digital Proofs.  These proofs can be produced in various formats to suit what is required and are generated from 100% colour accurate digital files.

Total Colour Ownership
Antonine are proud to work closely with brand owners, design centres, converters and vendors.  This partnership means Antonine can provide resource and knowledge to provide a full service from origination to print making the whole process far easier for our customers and also allowing delivery of printed products which are right first time.

Antonine are also able to offer bespoke colour management packages to suit any specific needs or requirements.

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So when you think ink – think Antonine.