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Packaging Innovations

At Antonine, we are proud to be at the cutting edge of technology.  We not only concentrate on developing and improving current ink systems, but also lead the field in Research and Development which is all carried out in house.  Just some of the many different technologies available are;

One ink system for Pre and Post print

We are able to supply our Dolphin ink system tailored for Pre and Post print.  This allows one Technology Medium to be used allowing for easier rework, and less stock, of press returns.


At Antonine, we have recently spent a lot of time developing a full range of Photochromic inks.  These products don’t appear when printed but are activated, and then appear, in sunlight.  This allows our customers to enter a whole new area in Marketing or Security Products.


We can provide a full range of Thermochromics which can be either reversible on non-reversible.  This allows our customers to use these various technologies for a different range of applications and are available for activation at different temperatures whether hot or cold.

UV Invisible Inks

Antonine have a range of products which are invisible to the naked eye and only appear under UV light.  These are also available in a range of colours.

Security Inks

A full range of dedicated Security Inks are available.  Some of these inks are developed and supplied under a Non-Disclosure agreement.

Barrier Coatings

A full range of Barrier Coatings is available.  These can be tailored to achieve a specific COBB value and can even be supplied to be suitable for Direct Food Contact.

Fanal Free Ink Range

Antonine can supply an ink range which is totally free of Fanal pigments.

At Antonine we would also be more than happy to set up a tailor made development programme to suit any specific requirement.

Further information on any of these products is available on request.

So when you think ink – think Antonine.

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